Thursday, August 29, 2019

Leadership and Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4250 words

Leadership and Culture - Essay Example This editing paper mostly focuses on leadership, teamwork and collaboration of these. The researcher describes that they are not only vital components to the success of an organization, but also to the creation of the culture of the organization. Culture refers to the personality of an organization, and allows a group of people to address concerns and challenges that arise within the organization. This organizational culture forms as a result of members coming together with the common goal of successfully running their business and is primarily generated through communication. Language, stories, and rituals are used to form distinguishing group cultures and accomplish a shared vision that all employees can grasp. Teamwork and collaboration and their differences were analyzed in this editing. A team consists of two or more individuals with particular roles that are implemented to meet a valued goal. The collaboration term is when the parties involved share the responsibilities of comb ining the duties of the teams. However, the primary characteristic that they share is that teams must gradually come together to create a finished product, which is done under such collaboration. In conclusion, the researcher refers to several examples to describe how an organization grows and culture is formed and why teamwork shifts seamlessly to collaboration. The two cannot exist independently, the researcher states, but rely on each other if the organization desires to be successful.

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